Partner, Head of Public Markets Funds, UFG Asset Management

Re-joined UFG Asset Management in February 2014 as Partner with the overall responsibility for the UFG Public Markets Funds business, including the direct management of UFG's two main liquid equity strategies, the long-short blue-chip UFG Russia Select Fund and the long-only small & mid-cap UFG Russia Alternative Fund, as well as UFG's hybrid public and private, equities and fixed income strategy, the UFG Special Situations Fund. In addition to this management role, operationally she is responsible for hedging and derivatives strategy implementation in the long-short equity strategy of UFG Russia Select Fund, and is in charge of trading for all UFG Public Markets strategies.

Ms. Minkina served as Portfolio Manager at UFG Asset Management from 2007 until June 2013.

Ms. Minkina holds a BSc degree in Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics from the Moscow State University.

Prior to joining UFG Asset Management, in 2006-2007, Ms. Minkina worked as a Portfolio Manager for the Russian asset management company “Portfolio Investments,” where her responsibilities included derivatives strategies implementation and portfolio management.