Managing Partner, Socialist

Pasha Romanovski is an entrepreneur and investor whose media holdings include a successful lineup of companies such as Socialist, SOLOMOTO, Pingola etc.
Pasha has been involved in the world of technology, media and advertising for over a decade and is a top thought leader in media trends, particularly in Social Media and online advertising. Pasha made his start as CEO and founder of Intersol Group LTD in Tel Aviv and was a Board Member of Gameland Media.
Pasha’s experience stems from serving as a CEO, investor, and Board Member to numerous start-ups and established companies. Outside the private sector, Pasha is a top advisor at Kiryat Ono Academic College in Israel, a leading private university and business school in Israel.
Pasha is frequently invited to be a highlight speaker at top hi-tech and media conferences and forums dealing with digital media in emerging markets.