Co-head of Global Banking,
VTB Capital

Mikhail Butrin has more than ten years’ experience working in investment banking, and has occupied senior positions in both Russian and foreign companies. He has been involved in important deals to place Russian companies from various sectors on the equity markets, including energy companies as part of the fundamental reform of the Russian energy sector. Mikhail has also been involved in the restructuring of the Russian air transport sector.

Mikhail began his career as a Project Manager at Price Waterhouse Coopers. In 1994, he became Head of Department at the Russian Privatisation Centre. In 1997-98, he was Deputy Director/Director of the Investment Banking department at Flemings (CIS) Ltd. Between 1998 and 2000, he was a Director and Partner at Investment Bank ARQ. In 2000-03, he was Managing Director at Gamma Group investment bank. In 2003-05, he worked at AKB National Reserve Bank and OOO National Reserve Corporation as Vice President and Deputy General Director, respectively. In 2005, as the Managing Director of ZAO United Financial Group’s Corporate Finance department, he headed the Energy/Utilities sector. Once UFG had been bought by Deutsche Bank, he continued to work in the same capacity at OOO Deutsche Bank, where he remained until his move to VTB Capital.

Mikhail Butrin graduated from the Plekhanov Moscow Economics Institute (now the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics) in 1989, specialising in Industrial Planning.